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We provide innovative product solutions and the highest-quality manufacturing through our 135,000+ sq. ft SQF-Level III certified facility. By selecting 8th Avenue as your partner for better-for-you snacks, you’ll have access to an array of on-trend certifications to ensure your products thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.

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8th Avenue offers a diverse manufacturing platform that provides our customers with the broadest range of options available in the category today. Our portfolio proudly offers only non-GMO and Certified Organic products, all produced in a dairy-free & peanut-free facility. With over 300 ingredients and a variety of packaging types, our lineup is adaptable to customization and positioned to meet all our customers’ needs.

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Values for 8th


Nourishing life’s moments with foods that delight.


Our Mission is to create value as our business's preferred manufacturing and distribution partner.


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The feeling of pride you get when you see something you made being used to nurture the community around you is something you can’t replace. That’s what 8th Avenue Food and Provisions can do for you!

We are not only passionate about the products we make but we also take pride in what we do! We believe it’s what’s inside that counts. Whether it’s inside our packaging or inside our facilities, you’ll find carefully chosen ingredients and people working together to make the best products possible.

We’re looking for you! Come explore our exciting opportunities to see how you can join our growing team!

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Earth Responsibility


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We are committed to conducting our business in a safe and secure manner that also conserves energy and water, minimizes waste and emissions, and promotes the conservation of natural resources. We also strive to have a positive impact on the communities where we conduct our operations.